Nutella Has Brain Fart, Sends Cease And Desist to Biggest Fan


You would think that after all these years of highly publicized social media screw ups and popular SXSW panels that highlight such screw ups, brands would finally get the message; Don't be a jackass and alienate your biggest fans.

Sadly, it seems there will always be an idiot in the mix. This time it's Italy-based Ferrero SpA, parent company to Nutella, a hazelnut spread loved by many The brand sent a cease and desist to Sara Rosso, founder of World Nutella Day, a 7-year-old event and organization that is all about the love of Nutella.

Rosso launched World Nutella Day in 2007 to "celebrate Italy's edible treasure with online and offline tributes." The event's Facebook page has 40,000 likes.

As to why Nutella sent the cease and desist, Rosso said, "They asked me to take down the site because they consider it to be an unauthorized use of their intellectual property and trademarks, the Nutella logo and brand."

In lawyer speak, that translates to, "We don't have a fucking clue what social media is and we don't give a shit either."

Without surprise, it seems it's only the lawyers who are the party poopers in this situation. Of her interactions over the years with Nutella, Rosso said, "I've had positive interactions with the company and its consultants in the past so I'm trying to stay positive about a resolution."

Supporters of Rosso are having a field day at the expense of Nutella with one supporter posting, "Nutella...more nuts in company management than in every jar."

While Ferrero SpA has remained mum to requests for comment, we're pretty sure there's nothing they can say that will explain away this particular brain fart.

by Steve Hall    May-21-13   Click to Comment   
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