This Really, Really, Really Bad Ad Wants to 'Go Viral'


We get all sorts of work sent to us here at Adrants from companies looking to get some viral juice. Our army of ridiculously stacked, pleated-plaid miniskirt-wearing interns cull through thousands of submissions every day in search of something that might interest you or serve as a shining example of what the marketing industry is capable of.

Sadly, most of what we get is crap. To keep the office clean, that crap is neatly tucked deep inside the recesses of our interns' cavernous cleavage (like this chick) until the end of the day when the girls relax, unleash their back-breaking pulchritude from the confines of their bras (and the contents within), take off their skirts and recline by the office pool.

Today, we received this ad for Dogswell Jerky Bars that aims to promote a premium jerky bar for dogs that contains 85% protein, 15% fruits and vegetable and 0% bad stuff. Hey, a talking dog can be funny but this ad is bad. We're not quite sure what it is. Cheesy copy, weird effects. We're just not sure.

We're going to need some sizable cleavage in which to bury something this crappy. Thankfully, Nicole's 36H cleavage will do just fine.

by Steve Hall    May-14-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Viral