Campaign Makes Organ Donation Easy For Lazy Millenials


Cleveland-based Marcus Thomas is out with a new campaign for organ donation entity Lifeblanc. Fronting the campaign, which aims to reach 18-25 year olds, are two TV :15s which aim to illustrate just how easy organ donation can be.

Each ad begins with the sound of typing and is accompanied by text. The first one reads, "You could test the water quality of the Congo River for local villagers. But there are bugs in the Congo River. Really. Big. Bugs" A second reads, You could quit your job and volunteer in a third world country. But that requires shots. Lots, and lots of shots." Each spot ends with "Or you could become an organ, eye and tissue donor at"

Digital banners and printed posters placed on college campuses offer similar choices between difficult and simple means of aiding those in need.

by Steve Hall    Jul-23-13   Click to Comment   
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