How to Turn You Cat Into A Dog


OK so perhaps it's not really possible to turn your cat into a dog and, after all, why would you? Cats are perfectly docile, friendly and fluffy just the way they are. For some reason, UK-based mobile company O2 thinks cats should "be more dog."

In this new commercial from VCCP, set to the tune of Queen's 1980's Flash Gordon ballad, a cat learns he can, indeed, "be more dog" and proceeds to leave his home through the dog door to run, dig, jump, chase cars, retrieve sticks, swim and catch frisbees.

What this has to do with selling mobile services, we know not. But it's sure fun watching a cat try to be a dog. And I'd really like to meet this cat. Or the person who CGI'd a cat head on top of a dog's body. Because both are amazing!

by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-13   Click to Comment   
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