Man 'Levitates' Alongside London Bus in Pepsi Max Stunt


OK this is cool and all but, really? Please! On the other hand, we suppose there are plenty of people out there, as seen in the video, who are more than happy to be wowed by a guy who levitates alongside a London bus crossing the Westminster Bridge.

The stunt, created last month by Arnold KLP for Pepsi Max, involved English magician Dynamo affixing himself to the side of a London bus so that he appears to levitate alongside the bus as it crosses the bridge.

While the ad world hasn't discussed this much, there has been plenty of breathless "secret revealed" coverage in English media. There's even a video which digs deep into the mechanical aspects of the stunt.

Of course the bus and everyone on it was in on the stunt and his rising up and lowering down were shot separately from the footage of agog Londoners recording the event on their digital devices.

Sure, the stunt is cool and sure, Pepsi gleaned plenty of publicity. But, much like sci-fi movies which have had to become ever more logically realistic for increasingly jaded and more enlightened consumers, stunts like this are far less likely to pull the wool over anyone's eyes for very long.

by Steve Hall    Jul-19-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla