Cannes Chimera Invites Ad Community to Solve Global Poverty


Do you have what it takes to create a program that will "improve the lives of the world's poorest by alleviating extreme poverty, hunger, gender inequality, illiteracy and disease by 2015?" If so, Cannes Chimera, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invite you to read this brief and propose your idea.

The creators of up to 10 of the most exciting ideas will be selected to participate in the program. As well as visiting Seattle to work closely with a group of 2013 Cannes Lions Grand Prix winners, these 10 entrants will receive a trophy at Cannes Lions 2014 and may be awarded up to $1 million to implement their idea.

Agencies and individuals are invited to compete. So get going. Read the brief and solve world hunger. We imagine it will be a whole lot more satisfying than pimping toothpaste of Viagra.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-13   Click to Comment   
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