Chopped Cabbage Represents Effects of Malnutrition


This project -- which, according to the press note, aims to raise the IQ of an entire country -- envisions the brain as a cabbage. More precisely, a cabbage hacked down in size by a machete so as to represent a malnourished brain that has had its potential reduced by 25%. A brain that, because of the effects of ongoing hunger, disease, and the lack of education has, according to this effort from Dallas-based Firehouse Agency for St. Lucia, been forever stunted.

The goal of the project is to seek volunteers to aid in the effort to limit the factors that inhibit developing minds and, in turn, raise the IQ of the country's next generation.

A solid and, as of yet, mostly unknown endeavor. Oh and is it just me or does the voiceover sound a whole lot like Ronald Reagan?

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-13   Click to Comment   
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