Mastheading to Provide Agencies and Brands Custom Content Creation Services


Mastheading, an offering whose name oddly harkens the pilfering and plundering of the at-one-point sacrosanct editorial institution, launched yesterday as a turnkey solution for agencies and brands seeking custom content. Mastheading provides an affordable solution for streamlined content creation. All for just $15,000 a month. With a 6 month minimum commitment.

The new company is a joint venture of Knock Twice, a content strategy and PR agency, and GMD Studios, an innovation and experience design firm.

Of the offering, GMD Studios Partner and CEO Brian Clark said, "Agencies need more publishing consultants, not more content strategists [Ed. Is there a difference?]. Mastheading brings a proven publishing process developed over a decade, so agencies can actually be publishers instead of trying to simply think like them. [Ed: Easier said than done but go right ahead and go for it.]"

We are told Mastheading will simplify the content creation process for agencies in a way that's tailor-made to a brand's current strategy. Content will be produced by teams of editorial talent and influencers of specific verticals, with the goal of delivering "relevant and valuable content" to customers.

Knock Twice Founding Partner Kyle Monson adds, "There's a real content boom happening right now, but there always seem to be compromises in quality or price. Mastheading's model is completely built around taking advantage of the publishing efficiencies that we've honed on huge content campaigns, so brands and agencies can get the best editorial content for transparent prices."

We honestly hope this succeeds. Because something, anything will be better than what we have now and native advertising alone certainly isn't going to solve all our problems.

by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Publishing