MINI Brings Roller Coaster to Streets of Toronto


To convey the excitement of driving a MINI, the brand's AOR, Anomaly, along with production company Asymetric, transformed three MINI Cooper S models into roller coaster cars. Part of MINI Canada's Not Normal campaign, Anomaly and Asymetric worked together over the course of several months to craft the campaign and transform the vehicles into road-worthy roller coaster cars.

The transformation included the removal of the rear seats and parts of the roof, welding on new roller coaster frames, external speakers, custom roller coaster carts, bright and ambient LEDs, custom paint/decals, and wind blowers.

Once completed, the three vehicles were driven through Toronto streets while two riders atop each vehicle acted as if they were on an actual roller coaster. The riders, and their very vocal enjoyment, were accompanied by a music track developed by Didier Tovel of SNDWRX.

It's not something you normally see on the streets of a major city and if the video is any indication, onlookers loved what they saw.

Making of:

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla