Swedish Travel Agency Offers Obama Chance to Meet Putin


When President Barack Obama arrived in Stockholm on Wednesday, he was greeted with large, red boards offering a cheap last-minute trip to Moscow. It was the Swedish travel agency Ticket giving Obama a chance to change his mind. For just $196, Ticket offered Obama the chance to fly to Russia to speak with President Vladimir Putin and have the bilateral talk the Americans cancelled a few weeks ago.

Placards outside the Arlanda airport, outside Swesih government headquarters Rosenbad and pitside the Grand Hotel where Obama is staying read, "Isn't it more important for you to discuss Snowden than 'femte jobbskatte-avdraget'?"

Femte jobbskatte-avraget translates to "fifth work tax-deduction," a current topic in Swedish politics.

In Moscow, an identical campaign was carried out directed at Putin. Signs outside the Kremlin offered Putin a last-minute trip to Obama in Stockholm for 4,906 RUB.

Of the stunt, created by Jung von Matt, Ticket Marketing Director Martin Durnik said, "Neither Obama nor Putin has booked yet, at least not under their real names."

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-13   Click to Comment   
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