How Small Agencies Can Steal Business From Large Holding Companies


You can't really go through a day in the advertising business without reading something about the Publicis Omnicom merger. The industry is obsessed with every last little juicy detail. And no one's more vocal than WPP's Martin Sorrell and Havas' David Jones. Ever since the merger announcement, both men have had nothing but negative commentary to offer, with most of their statements centering on the notion the Publicis Omnicom Group will be so large and unwieldy that it will continuously trip over it bloated, inefficient self.

When you think about the fact that WPP and Havas are gigantic holding companies themselves, anything Sorrell and Jones have to say regarding size and efficiency is laughable.

For an article I wrote for Central Desktop, I decided to speak to several advertising agencies that are, in fact, small and 100 percent qualified to comment on why bigger may not always be better, as well as why small can often times be the better solution.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies