Special K Wants Women to Stop Talking About How Fat They Are


Akin to Dove's Beauty campaign which urges women to be less analytical about their looks, Special K is out with a campaign that aims to "shut down fat talk." Created by Leo Burnett and directed by O Positive's Peyton Wilson, the work witnesses women shopping in a clothing store where the clothing labels contain actual "fat talk" quotes found online.

According to Psychology of Women Quarterly, 93 percent of women engage in fat talk.

For the campaign, Special K has partnered with Tyra Banks. Of her participation, she said, "I know firsthand how much criticizing your body negatively affects self-esteem, but as a role model, I try to maintain a positive attitude and healthy approach to managing my weight. That's why I'm excited to partner with Special K to help empower women to not only feel confident about their bodies, but also to remove those negative thoughts and show them how to employ tips and tricks to make their least liked physical attributes look better."

The campaign includes a FightFatTalk website and a hashtag #FightFatTalk

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-13   Click to Comment   
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