This Model's Underwear Will Horrify You! And Make You Run Out And Buy New Underwear


Ah, the double standard. Men seem to get away with a lot more than women when it comes to fashion. While it's completely acceptable for a guy to show up to an event in jeans and a t-shirt, God forbid a women show up in anything less than a form fitting, cleavage-bearing cocktail minidress and a pair of high heels.

Or be caught dead stripping off her clothing to reveal underwear that looks like, oh, a guy's pair of underwear that's been through the wash 2,000 times. Yup, SS+K has created an in-your-face, double standard-slapping message for TommyJohn that says men should take just as much pride in their underthings as women do...or are forced to due to lopsided cultural norms.

It's quite the brilliant approach really. Seduce (trick?) men into watching a hot model seductively disrobe. Cause them to throw up a little in their mouths. Then make them feel ashamed they reacted that way. All to sell underwear.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy