Clickable Paper to Destroy QR Code, Save Print?


Ricoh is out with new apps for a technology called Clickable Paper. In a nutshell, it does away with the dreaded QR code by embedding hotspots directly into printed materials that are recognizable by an app.

Each hotspot can point to multiple links rather than just one as it is with QR codes. And since there is no ugly QR code gumming up the works, designers will love it. Of course, people will need some sort of indication that these hotspots actually exist on the paper in the first place.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 9-14    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless

Cannes Lions 2014 Is Open For Registration [Photos]


Yes, people. It is that time of year again. Time to start planning your trip to the South of France where you will put a large dent in your expense account, sip champagne on the Carlton Terrace and squeeze in a few late night visits to the gutter bar. Oh, yea, and hopefully bring home some metal. After all, that's why we go to Cannes, right?

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 9-14    
Topic: Industry Events

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