Skateboarders Raise Middle Finger to Establishment With Invisible Ramps


When snowboarding came to the slopes of ski areas the world over, most skiers looked down their noses at boarders labeling them punks whose antics destroyed the peaceful beauty of downhill skiing. In many ways, that view was correct yet over the years skiers and boarders have learned to co-exist.

A new campaign from Lola/Lowe & Partners in Madrid aims to give voice to a group that has much in common with boarders; skaters. The campaign aims to help skaters take back the streets after having their favorite sport banned from many locations in the city.

The agency helped contract "invisible" ramps which blended into the city landscape and would allow skaters to enjoy public spaces. Of course the campaign is much more akin to raising one's middle finger at the establishment rather than attempting to find some common ground but hey, a wise-ass skater has to start somewhere.

by Steve Hall    Jan-20-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla