Dear Ad Industry, Help These Ad Students Battle For Creative Supremacy


We love a good fight, don't you? Well, that is, a good clean ad fight. Between creatives. Who are students. Trying to break into the industry. And one-up a fellow university at the same time.

So, yes, it is out pleasure to point you to CU at the AdFight, a sight on which University of Colorado Boulder students have formally accepted a challenge from Brigham Young University to engage in a 3-day ad battle they hope to have judge by you. Yes, you. They want advertising professionals to judge the competition and they's also love it if an agency would step up with a hypothetical (or real, for that matter) brief from which the battle can be based.

So come on. Help these students out. And remember, you were young and hungry once too.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-14    
Topic: Cause

Diet Mountain Dew Turns Dale Earnhardt Into Nature's Worst Enemy


Oh yea. Here's a great concept for a Diet Mountain Dew ad. Let's get Dale Earnhardt Jr. to tear the crap out of nature when he's called into action by a hunter's "Dale Call." That about sums up the Mountain Dew brand: Drink us and you, too, can become a lunatic to whom the term "tread lightly" has no meaning.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-14    
Topic: Bad, Celebrity, Commercials

These 'Bobslide' Boys Makes Girls Drool in Funky Carnival Ad


To tout its association with the Sochi Olympics, Carnival is out with an amusing and fun, Arnold-created ad which has a band of boys slowmo-ing their way to a Carnival water slide to bobsled their way down as a star-struck girl looks on.

And that's really al there is to sat about that. Enjoy.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-14    
Topic: Commercials

What Agency Creatives Want From Account Managers


As I said in part one of this two part series I wrote for Central Desktop which examines the relationship between agency account managers and agency creatives, it's a partnership that can be both positive and, at other times, disastrous.

And while neither account managers nor creatives want to work in a disastrous relationship, fostering a positive working relationship can be quite challenging.

In part one, we heard from account managers and what they need from creatives. Now we hear from the creative side. What do they need from account managers in order to create the stellar work everyone wants?

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-14    
Topic: Agencies

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