Need A Place to Stay During Cannes Lions?


Cannes Lions is closer than you think. Many of us will be basking in the sun in Cannes, France come June but do you have all your plans in place? Do you know where you will be staying?

If not, we can help. We've partnered with Cannes Apartment Rentals which has many apartments in the area from studios to four bedroom residences.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Industry Events

Jim Beam Has Mila Kunis But Woodstock Bourbon Has 'Barellel Parking'


While Jim Beam is having a grand old time with Mila Kunis touting its bourbon and the brand's heritage, the folks over at Woodstock Bourbon have eschewed anything and everything but straight on stereotype.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Commercials

Netflix Punks Amazon With 'Drone 2 Home'


Much like brands bantering with each other during the Super Bowl, Netflix, while a bit late to the party, is having some fun at Amazon's expense with a video entitled Netflix Drone 2 Home.

Reportedly created by a couple of Netflix employees for the DVD division's annual meeting, the video, narrated by GM Hank Breeggemann, is a hilarious take on Amazon Prime Air, the publicity stunt Jeff Bezos pulled late last year.

While Breegemann says the company "literally spent days working out most of the bugs," that effort clearly has not paid off.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Spoofs

Germany's Edeka Supermarket Ad Is Weird, Wacky and Wonderful


Like a mashup of The Most Interesting Man and the Speedo dude from the Southern Comfort beach ad, this Jung von Matt-created video for German supermarket Edeka is, by far, the weirdest supermarket ad we have ever seen. Perhaps the weirdest ad of any kind we've ever seen.

But it's also wonderful. Wonderful in ways most brands would never dare to be wonderful.

In the three minute video, suave electro-pop musician Friedrich Liechtenstein cavorts with sexy supermarket models, bathes in milk and has fun with sushi and sausages.

It has over 2 million views since it was released February 20. We predict many more views to come.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Strange

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Australian Bank Turns ATMs Into GAYTMs


Australian Bank ANZ, supporting its partnership with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2014, has converted several Syndey area ATMs into GAYTMs, complete with bedazzlement and rainbow colored receipts.

Created by Whybin\TBWA, the ATM screens carry messages such as "Hello gorgeous," "Cash out and proud" and "Happy Mardi Gras. ANZ will donate all non-ANZ ATM user fees to the non-profit Twenty10 for the duration of the campaign.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Outdoor

Mila Kunis Makes Bourbon Sexy


Perhaps an odd choice as Jim Beam spokesperson, indeed, but we're sure glad the folks at FutureWorks -- StrawberryFrog, The Works and Jung von Matt -- decided to choose Mila Kunis. We've tired of the stereotypically fat, balding, Southern distiller dudes...and Kid Rock so we're all for something a bit sexier. And Kunis delivers, all softly and sultry-like. Never has a whisky barrel received such sensuous caress.

Of course, it's all a play to get Millenials to stop drinking hipper brands like Sazerac and Bulleit. While that may not work, watching the extended video of 7th generation distiller Fred Noe giving a tour of the Jim Beam operation to Kunis, you can't help but sense the historical importance and longevity of the brand.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity