Just How Many Awards Can Cannes Lions Fit Into One Week?


On a binge to see just how many awards it can pack into one week on the South of France, Cannes Lions has introduced Regional Network of the Year, replaced Media Agency of the Year with Media Network of the Year and made changes to the Palm d'Or.

The Media Agency of the Year Award will be replaced by the Media Network of the Year award. It will be awarded to the media agency network that obtains the highest score for entries in the Media Lions section. Only media agencies are eligible to compete in this award, which will be based on a points system. Advertising agencies credited on shortlisted and winning campaigns in Media Lions will see their points included in the Agency of the Year and Independent Agency of the Year calculation.

Complementing the global Network of the Year award, for the first time the performance of networks at a regional level - Regional Network of the Year award- will be announced during the final awards ceremony on Saturday, June 21, to honor the most awarded network at the festival in EMEA, Asia-Pacific, North America and LATAM.

The Palme d'Or award, presented to the best performing Production Company, will see changes introduced to bring it in-line with the other special awards. The calculation will continue to be based on a points system awarded as follows: 10 points for a Grand Prix; 7 points for a Gold Lion; 5 points for a Silver Lion; 3 points for a Bronze Lion; 1 point for a shortlist entry.

The changes being introduced are:

- Production companies no longer have to have at least 10 entries in the qualifying categories - Film, Film Craft and Branded Content & Entertainment - to be eligible for the Palme d'Or.

- The Palme d'Or will now consider all shortlisted and winning entries from a Production Company. In previous years, only the best 10 entries from each production company were considered.

- Shortlisted points will now be capped at 10 points, which is in line with the existing Agency of the Year rules.

Of the changes, Lions Festival Chairman Terry Savage said,"As is our usual process when introducing changes at Cannes Lions, we consult extensively with industry leaders to ensure that we continue to be relevant and reflect the changes that are happening in the business around the world. These adjustments to the calculations of the Special Awards are no exception, and as such we are delighted to have the support and endorsement of the key players."

by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-14   Click to Comment   
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