Holland's Pim de Koel Aims to Teach Americans What's Really Cool


Remember Pim de Koel? The guy from Holland who, last year, was all about what's cool and why Holland has it in spades. Created by Mustache, the video garnered upwards of one million views.

Now, Pim de Koel is back and he's pondering the question, "Can cool be taught?" In episode one of new video series, also created by Mustache, Holland's King of Cool grabs one American and teaches him Holland's original cool.

There will be three videos in the series each of which will continue to examine Holland's cool factor and teach it to others. So far, the video series is no where near as interesting as the original. Hopefully, future episodes will amp things up a bit.

The campaign is a 3-year joint effort sponsored by the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, KLM Airlines, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Marketing and aims to increase tourism from America.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-14   Click to Comment   
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