How to Organize An Event That Doesn't Suck


Are you planning an event? Are you a marketing event planner? Did your boss just ask you to organize a one day conference and the closest thing you've ever planned was a trip to the grocery store? Fear not. Formstack, a company that does just what it sounds like it does, is out with an infographic (hey, they're easy to digest) entitled The Anatomy of A Perfect Event that will give you a few basic pointers.

The basics? Use email. Use hashtags. But don't use more than one hashtag. Start promoting 3-10 weeks in advance of the event. Have a live stream of the event. Use Foursquare to promote the event. Use Twitter to expand the reach of your event. Use Facebook to promote your event. 78% of planners use it. Follow up with email after the event. Do a post-event survey.


by Steve Hall    Apr-21-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Events