On Chatroulette, This Girl Gets These Masturbating Guys to Check Their Balls For Cancer


Well now at least we know Chatroulette is still thing. Who knew? We can thank Spanish ad agency VCCP for reminding us with a testicular cancer awareness campaign which made use of the chat services primary feature; guys who have no problem self-pleasuring themselves on camera.

The campaign video shows a young woman video chatting with guys willing to reveal themselves through the webcam. The woman encourages the guys to touch themselves and towards the end of the video -- when things are getting hot -- the message is delivered, making men face their own contradiction: if you show your parts to millions of people, why don't you show them to your doctor?

The agency chose Chatroulette because, according to Rocio Nogueroles, President of AAA Cancer, "Testicular cancer is the second most common cancer among men between 15 and 45 years old. 95% of cases detected on time can be cured without problems."

by Steve Hall    Apr-14-14   Click to Comment   
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