Intuit Extends It's Super Bowl Small Business Big Game Program to Three More Brands


Following Intuit's Super Bowl spot for the Small Business Big Game winner, GoldieBlox, the company is also supporting the three runner-up finalists by providing each with their own 30-second spot to air on Fox Sports 1 and 2 throughout May and June. The runners up -- Barley Labs, Locally Laid Eggs and POOP Natural Compost -- will receive produced :30 spots.

The three 30-second spots - "Just Dogs," "Freedom" and "Glennda" - will run on Fox Sports 1 and 2 in May and June as well as on Intuit's YouTube channel and will be promoted on the company's Twitter and Facebook. Each spot is also available for the individual businesses to share on their own social channels.

"Our goal for Small Business Big Game was to create a program where everyone wins, while recognizing small businesses on a national stage," said Ken Wach, vice president of marketing, Intuit Small Business Group. "Providing these worthy small businesses with a national advertisement gives these finalists a voice that will grow their business and inspire others."

After their involvement in the Intuit Small Business Big Game program, each of the three small businesses experienced significant business increases.

Barley Labs treats are now being sold nationally on, Facebook likes increased 118%, sales increased 121% and the program also enabled the company to qualify for a loan for a new facility.

POOP experienced a 705% increase in website traffic, Facebook likes increased 145 percent and Twitter followers increased 242%, their largest retail customer tripled their order and the company went from selling 250 bags in the first 6 months to selling 800 bags in one day.

Locally Laid reports a 300% increase in feed-related sales, a 30-percent increase in egg sales and a 100-percent increase in shirt sales.

by Steve Hall    May-13-14   Click to Comment   
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