Is This Non-Sensical Unilever Campaign Selling Ice Cream Or A News Channel?


The press release for this campaign promoting South African news channel WWW News describes the efforts three videos as yawn-worthy. We'd agree. But we'd go a step further and call the entire campaign yawn-worthy.

Not only yawn-worthy but confusing. Why? Because it's not even for a news channel. It's for Unilever's Wall's Ice Cream.

The videos, though, do engage in some YouTube trickery and choose-your-outcome which - following the campaign's "Say Goodbye to Serious" theme -- do offer up some silliness.

But we still have zero idea how this sells ice cream. But, no doubt, some Unilever marketing analyst will call the campaign a success because all these goofy videos get shared. If, in fact, they actually do.

No embedding because the tricks won't work:

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by Steve Hall    May-13-14   Click to Comment   
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