Like A Dot Com CEO Throwing Money Around in 1999, Samsung Rebrands Heathrow's Terminal 5


In an epic rebranding stunt, Samsung is opening its pocketbooks and will rebrand Heathrow's Terminal 5 for two weeks. It will be known as "Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5." I shit you not.

Beginning Monday, the brand will cover the terminal with signage including entry and exits, the security area, boarding gates and baggage claim.

I've always hated the rebranding of "public" spaces like sports stadiums and other major landmarks. For example, the Boston Garden getting named the Fleet Center and then TD Garden (at least it can be called the Garden again) or the insanity CandleStick Park underwent.

Thankfully this Samsung sponsorship will be over before most realize it's even begun.

by Steve Hall    May-16-14   Click to Comment   
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