You Will Need to Pay Very Close Attention to This South African Anti-Gun PSA to Truly Understand it


I had to watch this PSA for Gun Free South Africa twice to really get it. It's very subtle. In an effort to turn the country into a gun-free zone or at least mitigate the fact that over 50 firearms are stolen or lost each day and that 18 people are shot everyday, the spot delivers the message, "If you're stolen gun was there, so were you. Hand in your gun.

Created by Y&R, the spot uses a very subtle bit or choreography to put a second person on the scene. Of the approach, Y&R Group Creative Director Bibi Lotter said,"I really loved the subtlety of Tony's (Frieze Films directorTony Baggott) treatment. He's crafted a thoughtful piece that doesn't accuse anyone but makes people think about what it means to own a gun."

Y&R had originally conceptualized the spot as a first-person shooter, but Tony rather suggested filming the PSA in a single, continuous take and using choreography to introduce the second person. It works quite well. But you have to notice the subtlety.

by Steve Hall    May-15-14   Click to Comment   
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