Agency Erects Billboard Then Burns It. Hopes YouTube Views Make Up For Lost Impressions


In a stunt to show just how important brothers Joe and Gav of Sealord Smokehouse feel about their smoked salmon, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand erected a billboard out of Manuka wood branches (because they make a lot of smoke) and then lit it on fire.

The stunt, of course, is to convey just how important the brothers feel about properly smoking salmon. But, really, it's a nice example of trading in old world views (one according to the car which passes by in the video) for online video views which, sadly, have only hit 110 as of this writing.

Hopefully the stunt will pay off. Because 110 views is like less than a friends and family strategy!

by Steve Hall    Jun- 5-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor