In the Name of Futbol, Adriana Lima Reduces Men to Puddles of Slack-Jawed Helplessness


No sooner had we shared our lament over the fact Carl's Jr. and Hardee's had seemingly abandoned their sex sells approach, we see Kia is unapologetically illustrating the awesome power a hot woman holds over a man, or in this case, sports fans who think there are actually sports other than soccer worth watching during World Cup month.

In three David&Goliath-created spots, Adriana Lima (and her endless legs and come-hither smirk) turns men into slack-jawed putty which she then molds into World Club fans by cooing, "In my country, this is football."

Like lemmings off a cliff, every guy is more than happy to become a soccer fan for a month. And why not? What wouldn't you do for a supermodel in a little black dress?

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy