Orangina Does Crazy 'Dollar Shave Club' Knock Off Complete With Bikini-Clad Babes, Cute Animals, Magicians, Acrobats And Giant Pizza


Coming to the aid of Croatia which currently suffers 50% unemployment among the country's youngest workers and the other 50% who are doing all they can to stay afloat, Orangina, with help from Achtung, has brought its brand of crazy to the workplace Dollar Shave Club-style.

There's a guy. And he's walking and talking. There's gymnists. There's midgets. There's bikini-clad hotties. There's a marching band. There's a Llama. There's puppies. There's a guy cut in half. There's a magician. There's a mini marachi. There's a kissing booth.

We didn't read all the subtitles but it sure looks like an awesome work productivity effort. Hope it works.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange