Outdoor Company Sends Huge Invoices to Brands For Media Value Received Through Google Street View


In an ingenious stunt to call attention to its digital offerings, outdoor company JCDecaux, working with BBDO Belgium, sent 53 of Belgium's largest advertisers a framed picture of their billboards as viewable on Google Street View -- and an invoice for all that free media they have received over the years.

Of course, it was made clear that JCDecaux didn't actually expect to recoup that money (though we sincerely believe they would if they could). Rather, they simply asked the advertisers for a meeting to that the company could explain some of its newer digital technologies.

In a case study video, several big brands share their positive feelings about the campaign as well as their intention to meet with JCDecaux and here its sales pitch. As direct marketing B2B campaigns go, this one's pretty high up on the scale of brilliance.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor