Watch This Ad Which Took 90 Minutes to Shoot 2 Seconds of A Cat Driving A Car


Denver-based Pilgrim Advertising & Digital Marketing is out with a new campaign for AAA's Roadside Assistance. Hoping to combat old stereotypes, smartphones and the notion AAA is something their parents bought, the campaign works hard at "reinventing roadside is ways you never imagined" for Gen Xers.

Three :30 commercials take a this-is-what-we're-not approach to describing the service's new benefits. AAA won't cover that silver-plated hovercraft of yours but it will cover you while driving or riding in someone else's car. Likewise, AAA will not beam you home Star Trek-style if your bicycle breaks down but a AAA van will certainly come pick you up.

And while it might be nice to have the family cat drive the car in for a preventative battery replacement, all AAA can promise is they'll come to you. And yes, this is the ad that took 90 minutes, 3 wranglers, a green screen "gimp suit" to get 2 seconds of "Toonces" the cat driving).

The ads will run on all broadcast networks, plus 11 major cable channels including AMC, CNN, History, Lifestyle, SyFy (of course!), TNT and USA. They will also appear online as :30 pre-roll videos.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-14   Click to Comment   
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