You Won't Believe Where Oreo Minis Came From (But If You Click This Headline, You Will Find Out)


In an ode akin to Twas the Night Before Christmas, Oreo tells the story of how its Oreo Mini rose to fame. It all began in a tiny little store called Mel's Mini Mini Mart. The store was so small, no one noticed it -- nor knew what was inside -- until one family of four -- a father, a mom and two pint sized girls with the shiniest, silkiest, bounciest curls -- stopped by and discovered the secret of Mel's Mini Mini Mart.

Yes, all Mell sold were Oreo Minis. Part of the brand's Wonderfilled campaign, the ad was created by The Martin Agency and if the agency has its way. Mel's Mini Mini Mart won't be so Mini much longer.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials