For One Month, Copywriter Promises to Eat Only The Food He Finds In His Agency


In a strange feat of, it would seem, boredom, MRY copywriter Sam Bartos has decided he will go one month eating only what he can find in his agency's office. And he's chronicling the whole thing on a blog called Adult Food Finder. Witty.

Already, he's got the receptionist tipping him to food-fueled meeting in the conference room and co-workers passing him leftovers but for the most part, he's on his own; scavenging what he can find laying about.

Apparently, he's allowing himself to eat at home over the weekend but still, going for five days eating only what's laying around the agency is impressive. Granted, an ad agency is just one step below a grocery store and a far cry from starving oneself on the street but kudos to Sam for the effort, whatever the motivation may be.

Of the ketchup packages he considered eating and, perhaps, the only nod to world food issues, Bartos writes, "We take for granted the fact that we live in an affluent enough society to have a distinct line between what is a 'food' and what is a 'condiment'. Unfortunately for the situation i've put myself in, that distinction is a luxury I can no longer afford." Nor, sadly, can many around the planet.

On a lighter note, Bartos is delighted to have found a Samba candy bar which, he notes, is just four letters shy of his entire name. What are the odds?

He's mastered the skill of filling up on Thursdays with agency-supplied beer and popcorn and on Fridays because it's bagel day. But for the rest of the week, he has to rely on un-eaten meeting food, bachelorette nosh and candy jar pickings.

How long before Subway, or any other resourceful food entity, reads this and "accidentally" leaves a sandwich at Sam's desk every day for the rest of the month?

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-14   Click to Comment   
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