Kia's Hamsters Are Back And They've Accidentally Conjured Up Some Sexy Lady-Hampster Companions


It's been, what, like five years? Maybe six? Either way, those lovable Kia Hamsters are back again, this time touting the brand's new electric vehicle, the Kia Soul EV.

In the ad, created by David&Goliath, our fury friends are in the lab working on a new vehicle. When they are ready to make the final, magical adjustment, one of their normally-sized furry friends rolls into the lab and gets zapped along with the car.

The result? An epically hot Hamster Human Hybrid. Get it? Yea, we thought you would. But the "mistake" doesn't stop there. After all, our human-sized hamster boys are alone in this world and they need all the company they can get. So why not dabble in just a little more Weird Science shenanigans? Yea, why not.

The ad, which will make its debut on TV during the MTV Video Awards August 24, is set to Maroon 5's new single "Animals."

by Steve Hall    Aug-21-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials