Watch This Swordsman Play A Real-Life Game of Fruit Ninja


So PillsburyToaster Strudel teamed up with Guinness Book of World Records-holding swordsman Isao Machii for a crazy stunt in Los Angeles. The brand gathered a crowd and let them toss all kinds of fruit -- and Toaster Strudel -- at him and he deftly sliced each one in half in mid-air.

The brand has also partnered with Halfbrick, makers of the popular Fruit Ninja app.Beginning August 7, Fruit Ninja players noticed Toaster Strudel through sponsored in-app challenges and videos with flying fruit that will play after each completed mission. Players will also be rewarded with Toaster Strudel coupons and other Fruit Ninja incentives.

Which is cool and all if you like to play Fruit Ninja but we much prefer the real thing.

by Steve Hall    Aug-21-14   Click to Comment   
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