ColensoBBDO Channels Gary Wright's 'Dream Weaver' For Cosmically Awesome Grocery Store Ad


There's a new trend in town. Well, at least Down Under. Yea. Weird grocery store ads. Likely, you've seen the latest oddities from Aldi in Australia. Now we've got new ads from ColensoBBDO for a supermarket chain called New World.

In an ad entitled Dreaming of Yams, a man and a woman talking in the break room at work agree to have dinner together. The woman says she's a vegetarian. They guy has no idea what that is. Until he enters the weird world of the produce section at New World where walking is optional, the veggies talk and Gary Wright's awesome 1975 hit, Dream Weaver, soothes. Apparently, it's all enough to convert our man into a vegetarian.

A second ad, The Smell of Success, isn't nearly as fun which doesn't mean it's bad. It centers on a real estate agency who goes a bit overboard with baked goods and how they can improve the likelihood a home will sell.

Both beat the usual boredom of price and item. We like this trend.

by Steve Hall    Sep-22-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials