Naked Breasts Adorn Billboards For Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel, which has previously urged college students to touch each other's breasts and presented us with the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships, is, again, placing breasts front and center in its efforts to call attention to breast cancer.

The charity has launched a new billboard and print campaign which consists of naked images of woman's breasts adorned with the one word each woman in the photograph uses to describe her breasts. From sensitive, to doughy to squidgy to firm, the effort aims to get women (and everyone else) comfortable with examining breasts for lumps and discussing breast cancer in general.

A social element of the campaign encourages discussion with the hashtag #WhatNormalFeelsLike. And a pop up store opening today will showcase all of the campaign ads that were shot by British photographer Rankin who must be awesome because, you know, he has just one name.

The store will also be home to a Boob Booth, a photo booth in which woman can photograph their own bare-chested beauty. Those who do will be given a CoppaFeel goody bag filled with I Love... Cosmetics. And, free CoppaFeel-inspired manicures will be provided by WAH Nails.

Warning. Naked images below.




by Steve Hall    Sep-17-14   Click to Comment   
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