Vancouver Whitecaps 'Sexist' Video Pulled...Because Woman Watch Soccer?


In, perhaps, the most baffling case of well, we're not quite sure, an ad for the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team was pulled because some felt the ad was sexist. We're always up for a good controversy so we watched the 18 second ad waiting for some crazy, egregiously sexist moment.

After 18 seconds passed and the Whitecaps logo appeared, we scratched our head and thought, "Um...what?" The video is a candid capture of three women cheering on their team earlier in the season. It wasn't staged. No actors where hired. Just three women enjoying the game.

Some say the video, produced in slow motion, is reminiscent of Pamela Anderson n the opening scene of Baywatch. And that was sexist how?

Emily Guedes, the woman on the left in the ad, has no idea either. But she is offended for another reason saying,"I am not offended by the video but I am adamantly offended by their removal of it."

As to why the video, one of eight in a series highlighting fans, was pulled, Whitecaps President Bobby Lenarduzzi said,"It was never our intention to offend anybody. It was just one of a series of eight videos we are using to promote our upcoming season-ticket campaign. The fact that because there were people offended, we just thought the right thing to do was to pull it."

A poll on VanCityBuzz finds 91.7% believe the ad is not sexist. Who the hell those other 8.3% are we have no idea.

Guedes added, "People need to lighten up. The only people who have a right to be offended by the video are me and my friends -- and none of us are offended. I'm thinking about wearing an oversized turtleneck to the next game."

Yea, maybe a potato sack. Afterall, WTF? It's not like her boobs were falling out of a skimpy top. And, newsflash: WOMAN HAVE BREASTS! And in this case, it would seem some people would like us to believe that simply possessing a pair of breasts is somehow sexist.

Take a chill pill, people.

by Steve Hall    Sep-18-14   Click to Comment   
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