OK, So Spearmint Rhino Strip Club Created An Online Video Ad Filled With 'Naked' Strippers


Given the continuously sex-addled mind of the human male, you wouldn't think a strip club would have to advertise at all. Yet they do. Apparently even horny men need motivation from time to time.

One such strip club -- yes, the prefer to be called a gentleman's club -- Spearmint Rhino has decided its time to do an online ad. Well, a YouTube video that's an ad actually.

The ad places Spearmint Rhino strippers -- or actresses that play strippers -- inside an office setting with all the usual antics and shenanigans. Complete with charts that -- haha, we get the joke -- scream "Customer smiles on the rise" and a break room that's, well, a strip club, the semi-NSFW ad goes all out like an old school GoDaddy ad on Viagra.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-28-14    
Topic: Racy

Victoria's Secret's 'Body' Bra Line Comes In Many Sizes But You'd Never Know It From This 'Perfect Body' Ad Campaign


Pity the poor woman who doesn't live up to Victoria Secret's definition of perfection which probably hovers somewhere around 5'8", 34C-22-34. If you don't come close to those measurements, it appears you should should shop elsewhere.

A new campaign for the brand is touting a line of bras they call Body by Victoria. The ads carry the headline, "The Perfect Body," along with images of, well, women with "perfect" bodies.

Certainly there's an aspect of every advertising campaign which aims to be aspirational, motivational, uplifting in a way that, ideally, cause a person to respond, "I want to be like that. I want to be better. I'll have what she's having. I want to be better. Etc." And a nice motivational kick in the ass is a good thing every once in a while.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-28-14    
Topic: Brands

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