This Dewar's 'Live True' Profile With Zio Ziegler Is Excruciatingly Painful to Watch


If you're a marketer and you're going to do a thing where you highlight an artist or a musician or an actor in a way that supposed to come off as natural and un-staged then for God's sake, don't make it look painfully unnatural and completely staged like this work Dewar's did with San Francisco mural artist Zio Ziegler for it's Live True campaign.

So Zio walks into a bar. Which is empty. The bartender says, "Dewar's" and Ziegler replies, sure, like it's the only thing in the world anyone drinks. Ziegler proceeds to uneasily pontificate about what it's like to be an artist -- you know, the same babble that spews forth from every artist's mouth about how they found themselves and are pursuing their passion and and following their dream and blah, blah, blah.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-31-14    
Topic: Worst

Samsung Scares the Crap Out of Shoppers With 'Zombie Switch' Stunt


You have to wonder about this one. If you're TV shopping and suddenly tour TV salesperson turns into a freakish looking zombie and scares the shit out of you, how likely are you going to be in a mood to buy a TV?

But, who really cares. This one's not about selling. It's about shocking, getting YouTube views and getting press coverage. Oh and it's Halloween so it's timely.

Give it a watch. And the next time you go TV shopping, you might not want to turn your back on your salesperson. On and it's for Samsung and it was created by Cheil UK.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-31-14    
Topic: Strange

Agency Mocks Real-Time Marketing With Hilarious 'Reactvertising' Video


From the crazy folks at Toronto-based john st. -- the ones who brought us Catvertising and Exfeariential -- comes Reactvertising, a whole new kind of real-time marketing.

The video is a hilarious send up of the industry's obsession with real-time marketing.

"It's not about being funny or smart. It's about being fast."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-31-14    
Topic: Agencies

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