Denny's Introduces 'First-Ever' Web Series That's Not First-Ever But Is Kind of Boring


You've gotta love press releases that scream "first ever!" But they are a nice kick in the butt to get off one's ass and do a little journalistic research. So who's screaming "first ever"? Erwin Penland is in relationship to new work it's doing for Denny's.

Billed as the "first-ever web series," the animated/claymation work features -- in its first outing called Breakfast Clubbin' -- breakfast characters debating the merits of a pancake who is trying to gain entrance to an exclusive nightclub. He's being denied by Bacon and Sausage who say to Pancake, "As soon as you slathered yourself with whipped cream and chocolate, you became a desert. There's no desert with breakfast"

Thankfully a dolled-up egg appears to save the day. Because if you "add an =egg to anything, it's breakfast."

An additional 7 episodes will be released through the rest of the year, following the cast's escapades through Halloween, a Bold Coffee emergency and other adventures.

As to that whole "first-ever" thing? Perhaps Erwin Penland hasn't seen this.

by Steve Hall    Oct-15-14   Click to Comment   
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