If You Think You Deserve A Lion, You Probably Deserve A 'Slashie'


In a hilarious send up to the obscene amount of awards in the advertising industry and the ridiculous length of credits connected to those awards, we have The Slashies. Yes, The Slashies. What's the award for? According to the intro video, "the most tenuous contributions to an ad campaign.

The Slashies honor the really important stuff like The Stapler guy, Presentation Hijacker, Muffin Eater, Script Yoinker, Pizza Orderer and others.

The funniest part? Even the Slashies video has a credit list a mile long of Slashie wannabes. The best one? Crew Tinder Technician.


Creative Team:

Copywriter: Ryan Chiasson
Art Director: Jordan Dunlop

Production Company: FRANK
Director: Brad Dworkin
Executive Producer: Danielle Kappy
Production Manager: Jeremy Sager
Producer: Taryn Mueller
DP: Steve Whitehead
On-Set Sound: Dave Dunlap
Gaffer: Cat Patrichi


Edit House: Married To Giants
Editor: Paul Skinner

Dailies and Colour Grading: Redlab

Audio House: Apollo Studios
Executive Producer: Charlie Janson
Producer/Music Supervisor: Tom Hutch


Erin Tancock
Steven Shanahan
Gaby Makarewicz
Saita Goto
Allison Miceli
Heather MacDonald
Andrew MacPhee
Emma Quiroz
Per Snare
Peter Kosciolek
Karim Tubbeh
Rebecca O'Grady


Chef: Jim Stefano
Line Cook: Gloria Chen
Gluten Eliminator: Andre Petucci
Dishwasher: Rhea Melanson


Cab Driver: Vitaly Krushenko
Cab Dispatcher: Mel Donaldson
Cab Scheduler: Dom Mariota
Bus Driver: Alicia Thompkins

Custodial Staff:

Executive Custodial Technician: Andre Williams
Chief Custodial Technician: Louise Lontro
Associate Custodial Technician: Peter Pisnewski
Director of Custodial Technology: Jim Harrison


Receptionist: Claudia Cantoni
Cab Chit Provider: Steve Gronkowski
Office Goldfish: Goldie
Plaid Coordinator: Tara Bowles
Barista: Louise Pallo
Plumber: Martin Federico
Girl Who Walked By The Set: Emma Sanderson
Morning Bagel Eater: Joe Mayock
Post Shoot Bartender: Amanda Jacobs
Water Delivery Guy: Dane Trucks
Printer Paper Supervisor: Anna Ferguson
Credits Data Entry Technician: Peter Dunlop
Phone Charging Assistant: Jeremy O'Sullivan
Director Of On-Set Instagrams: Alex Campbell
Crew Tinder Technician: Michael Sweet

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