OK, So Spearmint Rhino Strip Club Created An Online Video Ad Filled With 'Naked' Strippers


Given the continuously sex-addled mind of the human male, you wouldn't think a strip club would have to advertise at all. Yet they do. Apparently even horny men need motivation from time to time.

One such strip club -- yes, the prefer to be called a gentleman's club -- Spearmint Rhino has decided its time to do an online ad. Well, a YouTube video that's an ad actually.

The ad places Spearmint Rhino strippers -- or actresses that play strippers -- inside an office setting with all the usual antics and shenanigans. Complete with charts that -- haha, we get the joke -- scream "Customer smiles on the rise" and a break room that's, well, a strip club, the semi-NSFW ad goes all out like an old school GoDaddy ad on Viagra.

by Steve Hall    Oct-28-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy