Strawberry Frog PSA Calls Attention to Need For Ebola-Fighting Medical Supplies


New York-based humanitarian aid organization AFYA Foundation has teamed with Strawberry Frog to create a video campaign which aims to raise awareness of the need for medical supplies to combat the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

The video, directed by Indrani, puts a human face on the statistic that five children came into contact with the Ebola virus in Texas.

The work was developed as a collaboration between Danielle Butin of Afya, Scott Goodson of StrawberryFrog, and director Indrani, and was written by Kelly Beck and Scott Goodson.

"This film is intended to be a powerful message in what feels like a voice in the wilderness, offering hope and something for people to do now to help stop Ebola in West Africa where critical care items are urgently in need," says Goodson.

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-14   Click to Comment   
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