Subway Thinks Women Should Eat Light So They Can Stay In Shape And Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes


This is a rare one for Subway. After all, it's brands like Carl's Jr. and Agent Provocateur that usually own the sex sells angle. So to see the seemingly conservative Subway get all up in our faces with the Sexy Halloween Costume thing is, to be honest, a bit jarring.

But who are we to get down on a brand for having a bit of harmless fun? Wait, what? Harmless fun? You mean the kind of fun that sets women back 50 years and cements the fact that they're sex objects?

On the other hand, OH PLEASE! Can't we all just have a little harmless fun from time to time? After all, what's more fun than getting all sexy for Halloween? Nothing according to Subway.

But let's guess. A male creative team came up with this one. And the ladies politely chuckled.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 2-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy