4 Strategies To Leverage The TikTok and Shopify Integration To Grow Your Business


Small businesses have always had a good chance of going viral and attracting a larger audience on TikTok. With over a billion active monthly users worldwide, businesses who use this platform gain access to its massive and highly engaged audience. Shopify's new partnership with TikTok offers the over 1 million merchants on the platform with even more ways to be discovered by users and convert sales through TikTok Shopping.

What is TikTok Shopping?

TikTok Shopping is an in-app shopping feature introduced by TikTok in collaboration with Shopify. This social commerce experience allows users to discover a product and immediately purchase it through the merchant's storefront. This saves consumers the time from searching for the product and the brand themselves. Since an estimated half of TikTok users discover new product through the platform, this streamlines the buying process for these consumers.

"TikTok sells, there's no doubt about it," explains Josephine Grant, a business writer at Researchpapersuk. "Plenty of products from skincare to an octopus plushie to butt-defining leggings have trended on the app and sold out almost immediately."

The Benefits Of TikTok Shopping For Businesses

Despite the convenience it affords consumers on the app, this new social commerce experience was launched with businesses in mind. Shopify merchants can now enjoy new ways to be discovered by their ideal audience on TikTok.

With this new integration, businesses using Shopify can add a tab on their TikTok profiles for TikTok Shopping. Under this tab, merchants can display their product catalogue that links to their online store. Since the in-app shopping experience is a lot more convenient for consumers, it could generate significantly more revenues for merchants.

Merchants also have the option to tag a product mentioned in their TikTok video. By tapping the tag, consumers will be directed to the company's online store checkout.

4 Tips For Using TikTok Shopping To Grow Your Business

Since TikTok and its over a billion platform users reward creativity, it's important for businesses to create creative content that paints their brand in the best light. "Instead of creating TikToks that focus solely on selling your product, it's important to provide some sort of value to your audience," advises Patricia Roper, a marketing manager at Writinity and Draftbeyond. "Most brands typically aim for the educational or entertainment value. Ask yourself if your audience would learn something new or be entertained by your TikTok."

Use Trending Sounds
A popular way to amass a large number of views on the platform is by using trending audio sounds. Create a TikTok with a trending audio to quickly get your product discovered by your target audience. If your videos and your products are impressive enough, you might even gain a few new followers.

Update Your Ad Videos Frequently
It's a good idea to update your videos for ads frequently. If your TikTok is something that users can immediately recognize as an ad because they've seen it a hundred times, they might be less inclined to pay attention.

Engage With Your Audience
In the same way that users reward creativity with likes, comments, and follows, they also reward engagement. It takes very little effort to like a comment on your video or post a few words in response to the comment. It's tiny actions like these that combined, develop a meaningful and trusting relationship with your audience.

Have Fun With Your TikToks
Most TikTok users love supporting small businesses. So while it's important to promote your products in your videos, many users will reward you with a follow or purchase by simply having fun with the content you create on the platform. There are countless fun ideas to try such as a behind-the-scenes packaging TikTok or your team members having a good time at work.

The social media platform, TikTok, is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. TikTok's partnership with Shopify signals a desire by the social media platform to grow for users, but for businesses as well. Thanks to this integration, businesses can reach consumers more easily, discover their products, and shop within the app. The good news is that it's never too late to take advantage of this platform as a business. With its vast reach and numerous benefits, businesses simply can't afford to ignore it any longer.

Jenny Williams is a marketing analyst and writer at Dissertation Writing Service and Lucky Assignments London. She also writes marketing tips and strategies for Gumessays.com service blog.

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