Adrants Accolades

For 2006, Adrants was awarded the Advertising Standard of Excellence, Blog Standard of Excellence and Marketing Standard of Excellence by the Web marketing Association's WebAwards. Kudos goes to Komra Moriko of Design-4-Results, the designer of Adrants

In July 2006, Adrants was awarded best advertising blog by MarketingSherpa in a survey of it's 100,000 readers. MarketingSherpa commented, "Does sex sell? We've seen data that it can depress ad campaign results. However, obviously it doesn’t hurt you as a blogger in the world of advertising. Steve Hall, known for witty commentary combined with ad photos of scantily clad young women, has obviously captured the hearts of advertising execs." Well, we don't always post photos of scantily clad young women. Sometimes we actually show ads.

In a November 16, 2005 Wall Street Journal article, "What the In-Crowd Knows: From Hollywood to Wall Street, Our Guide to the Blogs Insiders Read to Stay Current." Adrants was named, "one of the best ways to keep up on Madison Avenue's ups and downs. Published by Steve Hall, a former ad-agency employee, Adrants covers topics ranging from urinal advertising to the news of the day, all with a bemused tone. The site also provides links to breaking-news stories featured by other Web publications. John Osborn, president and chief executive of the New York office of Omnicom Group's BBDO Worldwide, is a fan."

In the January 2006 issue of MediPost's MEDIA magazine, Adrants was named a favorite blog. "Written by marketing expert Steve Hall, this blog ranks as one of the superpowers, lauded by Forbes, Advertising Age, and the Wall Street Journal. Hall sets the tone with a kitschy martini glass in the banner and cheeky posts, and offers brief, savvy hits on innovative campaigns, industry news and research, and a little dish. You always feel like you've learned something, and that it was fun. Hall also collects weird marketing arcana - like the fact that Clark, Texas, changed its name to "Dish" in exchange for free cable."

Fast Company, in its April 2005 issue, named Adrants the number one advertising blog on its Best Blog list, writing, "Reading Adrants is like eating your vegetables and getting dessert, too: Posts include summaries of in-depth consumer privacy studies, comments on new ad spots, and Ashlee Simpson gossip. It's opinionated, smart, frequently updated, and often sexed up -- just as you'd expect from an insider."

In its 2004 Book of Tens, Ad Age named Adrants the number one "Website You Should Bookmark." Topping Gawker, Drudge, even Google News, we applaud Ad Age's recognition of our unique approach to marketing and advertising news coverage.

Adrants was named "best individual weblog on general marketing and advertising topics" by industry publisher MarketingSherpa for 2004. In 2005, Adrants was named runner-up in the category. The annual survey is conducted across MarketingSherpa's 170,000 readership with over 2,000 readers participating in the 2005 study which examined and voted on 52 nominated blogs.

Newsweek gives Adrants a nod in it's October 16, 2005 Blog Watch column but its use of the work snark makes us wonder if they've actually read us as they wrote, "Whether you love or hate today's print and television ads, offers a smart, snark-free take on the modern advertising industry and its increasingly edgy campaigns."

Up against some stiff competition from AdWeek's AdFreak and AOL's AdJab, Adrants won the 2006 Battle of the Ad Blogs contest hosted by Adland.

Adrants was named a Feedster 2005 Feed of the Year: "Adrants takes a cliche subject- dissing mass media advertising, and treats it with humor and not too much of an excess of snideness. Notice I said not too much. After all, you gotta admit, advertising in the mass media is worth at least a fair amount of 'tude."

Forbes named Adrants one of its Best of the Web Marketing Blogs.