Content Marketing/Native Advertising

For this program, we work with the advertiser to create content on behalf of the brand. Options abound but the basics are as follows:

  • A series of posts on a brand-related topic that are combined with an Intro, Outro, logo and link
  • Content can be authored by the brand, Adrants or a third party expert
  • Benefits include lasting SEM/SEO benefits as the contents remains in the Adrants archives permanently

Event-Related Content Sponsorship

Similar to the above Content Marketing offering, the Event-RelatedContent Sponsorship comprises coverage of an industry event that sponsored by the advertiser with an Intro, Outro, Logo and link. As an example, we have done this for RedSquareAgency which sponsored our coverage of SXSW in 2012.

And we did it for ShareThis which sponsored our coverage of Internet Week in 2012.

Benefits include lasting SEM/SEO benefits as the contents remains in the Adrants archives permanently.

With event-related content sponsorship, we can include a run of banners and/or our advertorial ad unit, the AdverPost, to further deliver exposure and traffic.

All sponsored content is fed through all Adrants-owned social media channels

Whitepaper/Webinar/Seminar/eBook Promotion

This is a three day program that offers the advertiser exposure through different editorial elements of Adrants and includes a lead generation element. A typical program looks like this:

  • Day One - Dedicated Email: One drop to Adrants Daily subscribers
  • Day Two - One organic editorial post placed within the Adrants organic editorial stream and social media activity to Adrants social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS
  • Day Three - Placement in the Adrants AdverPost advertorial unit on a rotational basis for an agreed upon time period and impression level

You can download the full media hit here or view it below.