7 Low-Cost Marketing Tactics for E-Commerce Business Owners


What separates successful e-commerce businesses from those that are not successful is marketing. The competition is fierce, and no matter how great your products are, there will always be someone out there selling similar things, and you need to make sure you stand out.

But if you're worried you need to invest enormous sums of money in your marketing strategy to make it work, you're mistaken. All you need is some time, thought, and persistence, and you'll notice the results in no time.

Here are some low-budget marketing ideas to help your e-commerce business soar.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-21    
Topic: Online

How to Apply Techniques of AI in Digital Marketing


We all know how artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding its wings in the tech world. It has changed the way of doing manual computing operations, precisely by using advanced AI algorithms. This advancement is now letting AI enter in other fields as well. The impact of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is also quickly getting visible in the world. It has shown how web marketing can be automated to interact and communicate with people easily.

Today, AI is helping marketers to improve customer experiences with its range of tools. Using Chatbot on different types of websites, digital marketers can streamline the customer care process rapidly. This makes it easy for them to handle thousands of live visitors on the website without involving any manual resources.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-13-21    
Topic: Tools