Super Bowl 2008 Advertising Overview
Advertiser Source Agency Teaser Spot Theme/Gimmick Trend Online Element Other Notes
American Airlines Adrants TM Advertising   Team Building Guy trying to escape team building exercise annoying group leader, escaping from life   Old spot
Audi for R8 sportscar, "Iron Man" tie-in? AdAge   "Classic American struggle" over luxury American struggle, "godfather" undertones   Will only air twice -- once as :60 on game day, and as :30 day after
Bridgestone Firestone AdAge The Richards Group "Unexpected Obstacles"   Death of Richard Simmons by bad driver. Alice Cooper also included celebrity, warning AdAge interview w/ VP-Marketing Phil Pasci about why it's advertising on SB for first time. (Also sponsoring halftime show) Bridgestone says "viral" nature of SB makes it ideal match for internet efforts  
Bridgestone Firestone AdAge The Richards Group   "Lucky Dog" - 60-sec cinema spot, will break in movie theaters the day after SB     Will probably appear, alongside sister SB spots, on MySpace and other online sites  
Bud Light Adrants   Breathe Fire   Stupid-funny, slapstick teaser, brand deluge by numbers, reg'd users can score spots as each appear, secret 11th available via mobile or online  
Bud Light Adrants   X-Ray Vision         Released early, but it follows the formula of the other teasers so it'll probably appear in the SB
Bud Light Adrants   Wheel          
Bud Light Adrants   Language of Love          
Bud Light Adrants DDB, Chicago   Sausages        
Bud Light Adrants              
Bud Light Adrants              
Bud Light Adrants              
Bud Light Adrants              
Bud Light Adrants     Secret 11th spot, online- or mobile-only        
Budweiser Adrants   Team          
Cadillac Adland Modernista!    Adland Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, OR           New slogan: "start building." Supposed to have self-help phrases like "Wishing won't get you a better job." AdAge   "Stone Circle"         Announced it would run 2 spots Adage              
Coca-Cola Adland Wieden + Kennedy Balloons battle for bottle of Coke. Illustrative of Coke's "happiness" factor      
Coca-Cola Classic Adland Wieden + Kennedy   Odd Couple Two opposing politicos come together for a day of friendship      
Coca-Cola for Vitamin Water Adland       Celebrity: Shaq      
Dell MediaPost              
Dell for XPS One MediaPost Mother   Out with the Old "Available in beautiful." This ad will run b4 SB. It's old.      
Doritos Adland Goodby Silverstein & Partners           Ditched CGM this year. Hint hint to late bloomers?
E-Trade Adland Grey            
FedEx Adland BBDO, NY "Carrier Pigeons"   People with pigeons on their shoulders      
Garmin Adland In-House   Napoleon Anachronisms      
Gatorade Adland Element 79 Partners   Jeter Celebrity: Derek Jeter of Yankees Celebu-sports figure    
Gatorade Adland       Celebrity: Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade Celebu-sports figure    
Gatorade Adrants Arnell   Man's Best Friend Dog as Man?Man as Dog?     Very strange. Very bad.
GM for hybrid Chevy, Saturn or GMC Adland Campbell-Ewald            
GoDaddy Adrants In-house Exposure, a teaser for a rejected spot that will appear online on game day "Spot On" discusses "Exposure" ad Danica starts undressing. Actual spot spoofs some celebrity pop phenom. "too hot for tv" hype-builders, promise of scantily clad hot chick "Too hot" spot available entirely on GoDaddy when actual super bowl ad debuts Buzz on Fox backing out bc of "beaver"
GoDaddy MediaPost     "White Light" A guy who spends SB Sunday reg'ing domain names is accosted by white light. Hot chick invites him to follow it with her hot chick, online "director's cut" online "director's cut" Uncertain whether this will air; GoDaddy is mulling buying airtime for it
Halftime Show: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Adrants              
Hershey for Icebreakers Adland Tracey Locke   Celebrity: Carmen Electra      
Hyundai Adrants Goodby Silverstein & Partners   Twist Expectation of twist turns out to be name of car The wink, wink, "hey this is a commercial" thing    
Hyundai Adland Goodby Silverstein & Partners   Tomorrow Play on USA Today Poll The wink, wink, "hey this is a commercial" thing    
McDonald's Adland Pytka, PYTKA for DDB, Chicago            
Mountain Dew Amp Energy Adland BBDO     Dale Earnhart Jr gets his "boost" to battle gorilla and out-run camel      
New Line for "Semi-Pro", possibly with Bud Light/Budweiser tie-in Adland In-house     Celebrity: Will Ferrell      
NFL Adland In-house/BBDO     Top football players make personal videos fans can vote on   Voting  
NFL/United Way Adland Triple Double   Bold Predictions       Two actors in this ad recently appears in Minnesota Lottery ads
Nissan AdAge TBWA/Chiat/Day (Adland says)           Mulling a spot for the Murano, no word on if it really will.
Paramount for "Iron Man", tie in with Audi R8 ad Adland In-house            
Partnership for a Drug-Free America AdAge DraftFCB   Teen prescription drug abuse teen hustler upset bc he's getting no business. Meant to impact parents warning   White House's first SB spot in 4 years
Pepsi Adrants     "Bob's House" Silent spot. Inside joke btw deaf guys non-profit, 2 male buddies Making-of video available online  
Pepsi Diet Max Adrants     What is Love? The "I can't get this song out of my head" trick      
Pepsi Stuff Adrants BBDO NY   Every sip gets you closer Justin Timberlake violently dragged thru town by girl sipping pepsi by a pool. win free shit, celebrity Amazon song giveaway  
Planters AdAge DraftFCB, NY     For salty snack lovers instead of nut eaters - both men and women, but mainly men. Features an odd female character (see AdAge image) that is dually appealing     "Instinctively good"; has to do with men and intentions Adland In-House; Creative Mint, San Francisco did animation   Panda Cheesy cartoons work better than cheesy humans Adland In-House; Creative Mint, San Francisco did animation   Bulleymonger Cheesy cartoons work better than cheesy humans      
Sobe Life Water  Adrants   "The Naked Tease"   Stop animation lizard Lee tells Jewish parents he'll be dancing naked with a supermodel on game day teaser, mascot, potentially naked hot chick   Not sure if this is for Sobe
Sunsilk (Unilever) AdAge, Adland Desgrippes Gobe, Paris/BrandThinkTank   Sunsilk Appeal to women, celebrity images: Madonna, Shakira and Marilyn Monroe Celebrity Big design element -- agency overlooked for a design firm
Taco Bell Adrants DraftFCB   Cheesy Fiesta Platters spot Toreador appears at office, de-mans men and hits on women Mex caricature, cheesy Mex music, cowed men, lame winks and whiplash effects    
Tide to Go (P&G) AdAge, Adland Saatchi & Saatchi     Expects to nail women, hopes to broaden appeal to men      
T-Mobile for MyFaves Adland Publicis            
Toyota Adland Saatchi & Saatchi, LA            
Toyota for Sequoia Adland              
Under Armour Adrants Creators of Matrix, 300 Multiple teasers Uncertain which one will air, but it will take place in Under Armour City CGI abuse teaser, will feature 27 athletes Website, nothing special really Cost 1/3 of total media budget. Stock plunged when it released news it bought an SB spot.
Universal Pictures for "Wanted" (possibly) Adland In-house            
Victoria's Secret AdAge In-house     appeal to women and men (adriana lima = hottest virgin), valentine's day celebrity   "The only time we target men and women would be around holiday time and Valentine's Day, so the rest of the year, we're much more targeted [toward] women," said Jill Beraud, chief marketing officer of Victoria's Secret. "The fact that this is probably the highest-viewed dual-audience vehicle is actually perfect." 
Walt Disney, possibly for "Prince Caspian" or "Wall-E" Adland In-House            
Warner Bros, possibly for "Speed Racer" or "10,000 BC" Adland In-house