Mullen Helps You Kill For A One Show Pencil


It's almost Creative Week. And that means it's almost time for the annual One Show. Are you biding your time before the festivities kick off? Are you anxious? WIll you win a Pencil? Well if you simply can;'t wait, here's something to help you pass the time. Mullen created Kill for a Pencil, a marriage of HTML5 and 8 bit gaming.

In Kill for a Pencil, players help ad man "Jon Scraper" navigate the streets of "Madville," challenging famous advertising icons for the right to a coveted One Show Pencil. Players will recognize some familiar characters, from a lizard hawking car insurance to a well-constructed deodorant spokesman best known for his small white towel and massive pecs.

"We're hoping this crazy ad game becomes sticky," said Mark Wenneker, Chief Creative Officer at Mullen. "The One Show is a perfect place to see how people like it."

Have fun.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-12    
Topic: Games, Industry Events

Forget Twitter. Play Super Bowl Bingo During the Game


If you need yet another thing to do while watching the Super Bowl, check out Super Bowl 2012 Bingo from Sharethrough. It's a bingo game based on the kinds of things we might expect to see in commercials during the game. Squares include violence, boobs, stripping, celebrity acting stupid, cgi singing animal, person in a lab coat, plain old boring, offense to other cultures, summer blockbuster trailer, mention of sociual media, battle of the sexes, dripping wet women and many more. Check it out here (scroll to the bottom right of the page.)

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-12    
Topic: Games

Board Game Implies Young People Too Stupid to Understand Financial Concepts


Dear Young People, you are too stupid to understand such concepts as tax benefits, fixed premiums, insurance and mortgage rates. But you are fully capable of playing an online game! Believe it or not, that's the strategy and concept behind new work from McCann Digital Tel Aviv.

The agency has launched The Moments Game, a sort of Game of Life that aims to educate stupid young people about financial concepts and their importance in life. Claiming campaign success, the agency notes the site has had 162,000 unique visits since launch with an average time spent on site of 14 minutes. That's like concluding people enjoy going to the dentist because they spend thirty minutes in a chair as someone picks at their teeth.

How about something meaningful like a test at the end of the game to determine what players have learned. Oh wait. That would be hard. And stupid people don't like hard.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-12    
Topic: Games

Agencies Get Peep Hole...And Other Holiday Shenanigans


- Allow us to introduce you to AgencyPeephole, an Instagram-y holiday activity mashup that lets agencies aggregate their holiday party pictures on Instagram.

- Infographic: 7 Best Practices For Building A Smarter Ad. From MediaMind.

- NBC Politics has partnered with Foursquare to launch Presidential election campaign check ins.

- Pandora and Pepsi have teamed with the Recording Academy for a Grammy Awards promotion. fans will be given a Grammy mixtape. a video series and a special Grammy-themed Pandora station.

- A very powerful spot on the topic of school bullying.

- eMarketer is out with its latest forecast on time spent with media. Mobile jumped 20% rom 2010.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-14-11    
Topic: Agencies, Games, Racy

Skittles Helps You Gif Rap the Rainbow


Here's an ingeniously witty creation from BBDO Toronto for Skittles. It's called Gif Rap the Rainbow. And that's exactly what it is. You pick an animated gif (a dancing elf, a cookie baking gramma or a snow-covered Santa), choose one of four tunes and share it with your friends. Simple. We love simple. Give it a try.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-11    
Topic: Agencies, Games

How to Kill Your Boss Without Getting Caught


OK. OK. So this awesome piece of work from Amsterdam-based digital agency Pool won't really help you kill your boss but it will help you virtually to do and, perhaps, place some of your ill-focused aggression at bay. Let us introduce you to Shootview, a Google Maps mashup and adds first person shooter capability to Google Maps technology.

Head over to Shootview and check it out. Then be sure to search for the address closest to your boss's location and shoot the shit out of whatever's nearby. Or check out the intro video below. Your boss may not actually be within your view but you'll feel a lot better anyway.

by Steve Hall    Dec-12-11    
Topic: Agencies, Games, Online

Game Allows Players to Control Car With Head Movements


Here's a new game for you game lovers. Red Bull is out with Red Bull Formula Face, an online racing game created by Buzzin Monkey that allows the player to control race cars with their head. Bob left, the car goes left. Bob right, the car goes right. Check out the full video here to see all manner of facial gyrations that control the car as it makes its way around the track.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-29-11    
Topic: Games

Edison Memorial Tower Built in Minecraft


If you're a fan of the game Minecraft (a low-fi, 3D building block game) then you might like this new work from The Barbarian Group. the agency created a video it bills as the first ever branded Minecraft game. The work was done for GE and it's a re-creation of the Edison Memorial Tower. For those really into Mincraft, you can build the tower yourself by downloading the blueprints. Check it out.

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-11    
Topic: Games

Win Shoes For Life From Aldo


New York agency SKINNY partnered with B-Reel to create Aldo Shoes for Life, a selection of games of chance tied to a Terry Richardson shoot with model Lily Donaldson and actor Matthew Gray Gubler.The winner of the games will get shoes for life from ALDO.

We didn't win shoes for life but maybe you will. Give it a whirl. We suck at online games.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-11    
Topic: Games

T-Mobile Takes Angry Birds Offline, Expands Its Size By 1000


T-Mobile makes another cultural coup with its ongoing and highly social "Life is for sharing" campaign. On May 11 in Barcelona, the firm set up a huge live Angry Birds installment inviting people to play.

A few curious stragglers were drawn to a booth, where they found a smartphone with Angry Birds loaded. They'd casually draw the slingshot back (the birth of an addiction) -- and find to their surprise that the result was replicated in real life. It goes without saying that a crowd formed fast.

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-10-11    
Topic: Best, Brands, Campaigns, Events, Games, Guerilla, Mobile/Wireless